Stacy Duhon is passionate about her work. She is a patient and generous teacher, listening deeply to the needs of each student or client. She is aware and sensitive to others and has a way of bringing out the best in those that she works with. Stacy is organized and clear in her material design. She is a wonderful collaborator and it has been such a joy to work with her. The residents of Jubilee have benefited from Stacy’s respectful and insightful teaching style. She is an inspiring presence and creative in her endeavors. We are grateful to have Stacy working with the residents /staff of Jubilee Women’s Center.
Mo Whalen, Program Director, Jubilee Women’s Center

If you’re looking to change your life, I suggest you contact life coach Stacy Duhon to get the ball rolling. A year ago in March we had a session and she is one of the people who helped me to take a giant leap of faith and follow my dreams. I made a vision board, set my intentions, and now my life is completely different. “If you don’t dare to dream…how can you make a dream come true?”
Shannon Whaley, Comedian

It happened slowly and without precision, I was stuck in my life. There was a time that I was challenged, engaged, and energized about my job, and my life for that matter, but it had been years since I felt that way. Launching a hail-mary and trusting the process of a personal development coach helped to change the jammed feeling I was experiencing. Stacy guided me in a process of uncovering and committing to doing the things I said were important in my life. It’s not necessarily important what in my life changed but how it changed. Stacy helped me to uncover my own limiting beliefs, and with her support and guidance, I established my own outcomes and realized them without being sabotaged by my own internal critic.
Linda D. Mortensen, SMSGT, USAF (Ret.), Mixed Media Artist

Stacy Duhon is at the top of my list for coaching referrals! She combines strong skills and experience as a successful businesswoman with the ability to listen from the heart. Her empathic nature and authenticity engender trust and confidence in her clients.
Sue Oliver, Passions and Possibilities Coach

Stacy provided the right amount of encouragement and accountability for me to complete a project that seemed beyond my grasp. She believed in me and my ability to complete this huge project and that belief became contagious in me. Thank you Stacy!
Bruce Moravec, Boeing Associate

I’ve been a stay home mom for the past 10 years. I am now faced with the need to re-enter the work force. I knew I didn’t want to continue in the same field I had been in before. Stacy has helped me to set goals to get me back into the workforce, but more importantly, she has helped me to discover what my strengths are as an individual, and how best to utilize those strengths to make a positive contribution. I plan to continue my education in a field that better suits my talents. It will take time and hard work, but I’ve learned how important it is to find my own passion. After working with Stacy am now able to re-shift my thinking in ways I never thought possible. She has taught me how to take any given situation, no matter how dire it may seem at the time, and break down the parts that are actually in my control, and those parts that are not. I’m able to focus my energy and resources on the things that are within my control, and I’ve learned how to let go of the things that I cannot change. I am independent, strong, and self-confident. I am now able to acknowledge these gifts that reside within me. It has been, and continues to be an amazing journey. I’m very proud of myself for taking the initial step in contacting Stacy about becoming my life coach. She has provided such a positive and encouraging platform of self-discovery and self-love for me. I am forever grateful.
Janie Sammis, Stay at Home Mom and Fitness Ninja

When I started working with Stacy, I had a big vision in mind. And as a creative person, I knew that vision could easily become unruly. And then unruly could easily turn into unrealized. Stacy helped me develop a plan and the steps I needed to take to make my vision happen. She also created a safe space for me to air my fears and reframe aspects of my thinking that created stress and difficulty. She was my cheerleader, my go-to when the anxiety felt impossible. I learned to trust myself more and become an agent for the things that really matter to me. My plan came together and I achieved what I set out to accomplish, thanks in large part to Stacy’s support and guidance.
Amy S., Copywriter, Photographer