If you are thinking about hiring me as your coach, it probably means you are up to something….you have a goal you would like to accomplish….you hear that whisper…you know, that voice within that is egging you on. So you may wonder what you will get from working with me. It’s simple. You will get:

Clarity, Accountability and Inspiration.

The most important ingredient in having the whisper fulfilled is making sure you are clear what the whisper is telling you. I partner and inquire with you to help you obtain clarity around that goal. This includes ensuring the goal is concise, measureable and achievable.

We then create a plan for achieving the goal and identify appropriate actions to take to have that plan realized. I then serve as your accountability partner in moving you forward on this area of your life that is important to you.

Along the way, I ask powerful questions to support you in uncovering your disempowering patterns and blind spots, remind you of how far you have come and the wins you have had along the way, encourage you to go further than you have known yourself to go before, provide tools to reduce the fear and doubts that may come up and remind you what you said you wanted when life gets busy or tough or you forget. I support you in breathing life (aka inspiration) into your project.

If you are ready to Listen to the Whisper and want to hire me to support you, here are some ways you can work with me:

Coaching Partnership
The most common way clients work with me is through a long term one to one coaching partnership. This coaching plan is for you if you are ready to make a commitment to achieving your goals and creating the life you want. The coaching agreement typically consists of one 60-minute coaching conversation per week. I will also be available to you, via phone or email, for mini 10-15 coaching sessions for those times you just need a quick dose of inspiration. The duration of the coaching relationship will vary depending on the nature of your goals. You should plan for a minimum of 6 months of coaching, however many partnerships last longer.

Conversation for Clarity
You may find that you are not yet ready to commit to working with me to take on that project or goal of yours but you would like some support in gaining clarity in an area of life that is important to you. You can hire me for a one time coaching call on any topic of your choice—without the commitment of a long-term coaching agreement. You can use the call to jumpstart a project or idea, get unstuck in an area you are working on, or simply as an opportunity to brainstorm ideas with a coach who offers a fresh, outside perspective. This conversation is typically 1 hour.

Conversation for Purpose
This conversation is a guided conversation to support you in uncovering your WHY for being on the planet. Discovering your purpose is an important ingredient in moving your life in the direction of what your soul wants but it is not always easy. I guarantee the conversation will be fun and inspiring but the conversation will also require reflection and commitment from you. From this conversation, you will walk away knowing your life purpose, your vision and your mission. This conversation is typically 1-2 hours.

Create Your Life Charter
For anyone who is interested in taking the Conversation for Purpose session to the next level and wants to beautifully and elegantly document their purpose, vision and mission, this session is for you. You will get everything in the Conversation for Purpose Session plus in addition, I will work with you and provide you tools to get it on paper. This conversation varies by person but is typically 2 sessions 1-2 hours each. Click here to see an example of a Life Charter.

All of the above types of coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype, or occasionally in person for clients in the Seattle area.

To get more details about the above packages, discuss pricing options or to schedule a conversation contact me.