Stacy Duhon is a coach, workshop leader and an aspiring speaker and author on a quest to support professional women to listen to the whisper within, own their power, and take action on their dreams so they can have a meaningful and fulfilled life. Whether clients seek to find their purpose, move in the direction of their passion, switch careers, have more work/life balance or simply want to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, working with Stacy they will gain the clarity they desire, the direction and guidance they want, the accountability they need and the encouragement that will have them take inspired action.

She is an expert at working with clients who, as she says, are ready to listen to the whisper – those who are ready to listen to that voice within that is speaking to them and telling them, rather begging them, to go after what they want – begging them to not settle on a life that is less than what they are here on the planet to live. Her coaching style is striking in its wisdom, clarity and directness, balanced by an unmistakable Cajun radiance and charm provided by her Southwest Louisiana upbringing. She dances effortlessly between softness, warmth and power, guiding her clients with a firm but gentle hand.

Stacy walks her own talk.
In 2008, after 17 years in management, she left her successful biotechnology career to pursue her passion of being a professional coach. She was scared to leave her secure, lucrative and enjoyable career but, at some point, she felt she was dying inside. She was filled with dread knowing that she was settling on life and there came a point when she could no longer ignore the whisper. She faced her fears, acted in the face of people telling her it wasn’t practical and went after her dream. She went back to school to pursue her Masters in Coaching and Consulting as well as a Coaching certification and then left her management position within the biotech industry. She now has her own coaching practice and provides workshops and motivational talks to woman based groups and organizations. The self development work Stacy has gone through to become a coach enables her to powerfully but compassionately support her clients in moving forward to new levels in their lives. She will not ask her clients to do anything she isn’t willing to do herself.

She holds masters degrees in both statistics (from SMU) and coaching and consulting (from Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University). She is a graduate and affiliate of the rigorous and acclaimed, International Coach Federation-accredited coach training program, “Accomplishment Coaching” and served as a team lead/mentor coach for them for several years. She is also a certified career coach for Executive Career Hub. She has her Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the ICF.